June 8, 2024

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Best Affordable Electronic Load – Kunkin KP184 Review | Voltlog #299

In this video we are taking a closer look at the Kunkin KP184 Electronic Load. The KP184 electronic load has an input range of 0-150V and 0-40A, capable of sinking up to 400W and has an accuracy of 0.05% plus or minus 5 counts for both voltage and current measurements with 1mV and 1mA of resolution.

The video start with a presentation of the KP184 dummy load, I then put it through some testing to verify the accuracy of the front panel meter, next I checked the serial interface the KP184 offers and the pc software availability and finally I check some safety aspects and give you my final thoughts on the KP184 electronic load.

This unit was provided for free for the purpose of this review by banggood.com.
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KP184 PC Software (Light 2MB) http://voltlog.com/y/4e6zy
KP184 PC Software (Full 156MB) http://voltlog.com/y/304gq
KP184 VisualStudio CMD App http://voltlog.com/y/m4xsp

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